An electric car trip requires some additional planning compared to a conventional vehicle due to the need to locate and use charging points. Here are some top tips to help plan an electric car trip:

Plan your route

Use our live map or download our app to discover charging stations along your route. Plan your stops at correct intervals to ensure you comfortably reach the charge station.

Understand your car’s range

Know the range of your electric car and how far you can drive on a single charge. This will help you further plan your route and determine how often you'll need to stop to charge.

Check the charge station availability and speeds

Ensure you understand the charging speed of the charging stations along your route and check our app to see live availability. DC fast charging is the fastest option but may not be available at all locations or suitable for your vehicle.

Factor in charging time

Account for the time it will take to charge your car along your route. The charge speed can be impacted by several factors including the charge point power and the battery capacity of your car.

Know how to charge

To save time, ensure you know how to charge an electric vehicle. We’ve included a guide here to support you along the way.

Bring necessary cables and adapters

Ensure you have the appropriate cables and adapters for the charging stations you plan to use. Not all charging stations use the same connector type. If you use a type 2 charger you will need to provide your own connector.

Be prepared for emergencies

Carry a backup charger or plan for alternative transportation in case of unexpected charging station issues or if your car runs out of battery power.

Although an electric car journey needs more consideration than a fuel powered vehicle, with just a little extra planning the journey will be smooth and stress free.

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