All electric cars charge at different speeds and the same car can charge at different speeds at different times. To navigate through this, we’ve put together a list of several factors that can affect the speed of an electric car charge, including:

Battery capacity

The specification of the battery in the electric car will affect how long it takes to charge. Larger batteries will take longer to charge than smaller ones. The battery specification of each vehicle is available in every car manufacturer handbook and will explain the capabilities of the battery pack.

Charging rate

The charging rate of the charging station will affect how quickly the electric car can charge. The higher the charging rate, the faster the car will charge in general. All our DC stations provide speeds of up to 75kW.

Battery status

Charging slows down as the battery approaches its maximum charge capacity. Some batteries will slow down sooner than others. We recommend only charging to 80% capacity for any battery to avoid longer waits.


The temperature of the battery and the weather can affect charging speed. Charging is faster in milder climates, while extreme hot or cold weather can slow down the charging process.

Battery Condition

As a car battery ages, its ability to hold a charge decreases, which can affect charging speed. Additionally, if the battery has been damaged or is otherwise not in good condition, it may not be able to accept a fast charge.

Charge Point Availability

The availability of charging points within a charging station can also affect the speed of charging. This is especially true if there are long wait times because each charging station has a limit on the level of charge it can sustain at any one time.

Often, many of these factors interact with each other, and the actual charging speed will depend on the combination of different events. For the best performance, it’s important to be familiar you’re your battery specification to find the optimal charging solution for your vehicle.

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