Charging an electric car at an evyve public charging station is a really simple process. We’ve provided the below guide to ensure you the best experience on every visit.

Locate your nearest evyve charging station

Please locate your nearest charging station using our find a charger map or alternatively download our app to find the charging station nearest to you.

Check the charging station

Before setting off, check the charging station to ensure it is compatible with your electric car. We provide charging connector types CCS, CHAdeMO, and Type 2 but some of our stations don’t provide all options. Our website and app explain the types of chargers at each of our stations as well as their status.

Activate the charging station

Once you arrive at the charging station and park in the bay, check the charge point connector on the screen. When you’re happy, press the button on the terminal to activate the machine.

Connect the charging cable

Open the charging port on your car and connect the charging cable. Make sure the connectors are securely plugged in.

Select your payment method

Tap your debit/credit card, Apple or Google Pay on the payment terminal or download our App via the QR code on the connector.

Start charging

Follow the instructions on the charging station terminal to initiate the charging process.

Monitor the charging progress

Keep an eye on the charging progress through the charging station display or your mobile app.

End the charging session

When you’re happy with your amount of charge, end the charging session through the charging station's display or your mobile app.

Disconnect the charging cable

Remove the charging cable from your car and place safely back in the machine.

Drive away

Finally, drive away from the charging station because you’re all done!

Although most of our stations are identical, there are some differences which these instructions may not take account of. For any customer queries, our team are available on 03300531802.

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